Thompson Legal

Thompson Legal exists to provide personal and affordable legal services to the clients it serves. Its commitment is to give clients access to their lawyer, an active role and participation in their case, and the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions to further their goals.

Thompson Legal is a general practice firm focusing on personal injury, debt collection, homeowner associations, estate planning - including wills, trusts, and trust administration, business formations, foreclosure, small claims lawsuits, family law, contract drafting and litigation, real estate matters, and criminal law. It is the firm's goal to provide reasoned, and thought-out solutions to our clients’ legal matters in which the client is empowered to make informed decisions, having all relevant information to properly navigate their legal issue.

Clients can expect courteous and professional service in which the firm provides past experience in law, business, and law enforcement to work towards meeting our clients' goals.

Thompson Legal


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